South Beach Smoke Review

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South Beach Smoke is bringing an extra dimension of style and class to e cigarettes. With top notch customer service and a nice lineup they are easy to recommend.


For $89.99 you can buy what South Beach claims to be their most popular kit option, the Deluxe PLUS starter kit. The kit comes with a single standard and a single high capacity battery along with five cartomizers. There is also a USB charger, a wall charger, and a carrying case. They also have a lower-priced kit called the Deluxe which goes for $59.99. It contains the same two batteries, a wall charger, and a five pack of of cartomizers.

If you were to purchase the absent accessories in the Deluxe kit separately then you would end up paying over thirty dollars, so the Deluxe PLUS kit is the route to take if you absolutely must have those accessories. They also carry a personal charging case for $49.99, while battery prices are $24.99 for a standard battery and $29.99 for the high-capacity model. Their cartomizers also come in 15-packs which will run you $39.99, essentially meaning that each cartomizer is $2.66.

Customer Service

Our experience with customer service was top notch. No complaints to be had here.


South Beach Smoke offers a lifetime warranty. However, in order for the warranty to be honored you have to be enrolled in their Home Delivery program. This means that you have to agree to be sent a certain number of refill cartridges every month. Since it’s one of the best cartridge subscription services in the whole industry, we actually think this is a pretty sweet deal.


Even though South Beach does not offer e liquid (a big no-no these days), they at least offer a PCC along with other accessories such as cases and lanyards. There are also ten different cartomizer flavors to choose from, three of which being tobacco types. You can also purchase batteries available in black or white to suit your preference.

Portable Charging Case

soutch beach charging case

Power Cig

power cig

South Beach Charger Pack

south beach charger pack